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Get Your Music on the Right Spotify Playlists in 2020, an Easy Guide

As streaming platforms continue to grow in popularity, Spotify playlist curators have become the gatekeepers of new music promotion. Getting your music on the right playlists can therefore greately increase your exposure. In this post, we’re going to go over a number of ways that I personally had success with when it comes to getting my own music on Spotify playlists.

Pitch Your Music to Spotify Playlist Editors

Spotify’s own curators work to create playlists for every genre and category of music out there. These playlists get easily the most exposure with Spotify actively promoting them to their users, so you can imagine getting on one of these would be like striking gold.

Fortunately, pitching your music for consideration is entirely free, so this should always be your first step. After you have submitted your music for release, sign up or log in to your Spotify for Artists account, go on the Music tab, then find your pending release under Upcoming along with the option to submit it for playlist consideration.

This method is exclusively for songs that are pending to release and it’s essential to give Spotify curators some time to listen to your music. 4 to 6 weeks is the recommended amount, so make sure to do this as early as possible.

User Created Playlists

These are curated Spotify playlists made by regular users like you and me who have accumulated listeners over time. Finding them can be challenging but there’s two easy ways that have worked for me before.

Sign up for a submission management platform

There are entire platforms that are built on the basis of connecting artists to playlist curators. The way it works is you pay a certain amount to submit your music to curators who will listen and consider adding your music to their playlists. The cost of this can vary wildly, I’ve seen everything from free to several thousand dollars, averaging around $500 USD.

A free option that I had success with for my own song is SubmitHub. Submithub has a wide range of Spotify playlist curators and allow you to create a pitch for your music and submit it to up to 2 curators every 4 hours for free. Anything over that and you’ll have to pay roughly 1$ per pitch. The great thing about SubmitHub is you can try it for free and later decide if it’s worth investing into.

Find the appropriate playlists directly on Spotify

You can always search directly for playlists by genre, but a better way is to look at what playlists artists similar to you are being discovered on. To do this, look up some artists on Spotify that you think sound similar to you, click on their About tab then check under their Discovered On which can be seen on the right side of their about page. There should be a handful of playlists along with the name of their curator.

Ignore the playlists made by Spotify and look up the others one by one. A lot of them post contact information right there in the playlist description, which you can then use to pitch your music. If they haven’t put any contact information, try doing a Google search for the playlist and curator names. A lot of these curators usually have a web and social media pages set up for their playlists. Bear in mind these people work hard to curate their playlists so remember to be curtious, explain why you think your song should be on their playlist, and expect some of them to charge for their services.

Increasing Your Chances

Popular Spotify playlist curators get hundreds of music submissions every day, you can nudge the odds in your favor by standing out. To that end, we recommend pitching your music with a music or lyric video. Another thing you can do for your song is create and publish a Spotify Canvas, which has been shown to increase the likelyhood of saves and shares!

We’ve also seen some sucess with promoting music with facebook ads, and are looking forward to try Spotify’s upcoming promotional boost for a payout cut feature.

Algorithmic Playlists

Aside from curated playlists, Spotify algorithmically generates playlists for users based on their listening habits. You may have seen your own Discover Weekly playlist or the Radio playlist on every artist and album page. Ordinarily there’s not much you can do to appear in these as they are generated entirely automatically. However, you’ll be glad to know that you’re already on one: The Release Radar.

Whenever you release new music, it’s automatically added to the Release Radar playlist to everyone who has “followed” your artist page on Spotify. Racking up your play count early on is a great way to generate buzz on a new release which would increase your chances to appear in other algorithmically generated playlists.


To summarize, we can break down Spotify music promotion into three simple stages:

  1. During prerelease, make sure to submit your music for consideration to Spotify’s own curators.
  2. On release, find and pitch your music to the appropriate user created playlists.
  3. After release, remind your fants to follow your artist page on Spotify.

Following these steps for every release should maximize your chances to get your current music to new ears and gain an advantage for future releases as well.


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