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Lyric Video Production

Lyric Video Generators vs Human Artists. Who wins in 2023?

Lyric video generators are a quick and easy way to grow your music and reach your audience on another level. Lyric videos can also bring in a lot of views, as sometimes lyric videos get even more views than music videos. This article will compare the various ways you can get a lyric video made, by going over all the options so you can make an informed decision for your next release!

You have 3 main options on how to make a lyric video, I will dispense these options below:

Option 1: Learn To Use Adobe After Effects

If you’re the type of artist who likes to do everything yourself, then investing the time to learn After Effects could be worth your time in the long run. There are hundreds of tutorials on YouTube on how to make a lyric video on After Effects, I would recommend having a look to see which of the available tutorials are the closest in style to what you are going for and following that, then adjusting to taste. This method is also free, but may have to shell out some cash for an Adobe subscription.

Once you have created a lyric video in After Effects, you’ll have to render it in Adobe Media Encoder. You can follow my easy guide for the best rendering settings for lyric videos for YouTube.

lyric video generator vs human artists

Option 2: Hire a Professional

If you don’t have the time to learn a new skill and would rather focus on making more music, you can hire a lyric video artist, such as myself. In my case, you can check out the samples of my lyric videos here, along with my rates. And for a more detailed explanation of my rates and extra services offered, check out my dedicated lyric video pricing page.

Whichever direction you decide to go with, bear in mind that much like musicians, a lot of lyric video creators have a unique artistic style. As such, be sure to check out previous work samples and prices. It’s often a good idea to get in touch and discuss creative direction or even ask for a demo to make sure you’re both on the same page.


Option 3: Use a Lyric Video Generator

There are many apps out there that are specialized in doing one thing and one thing only: Making lyric videos. Most of them involve just dropping in your audio file, and lyrics and then doing some manual syncing. They often offer some light customization for you to play around with as well.

This means you wouldn’t have to spend the time learning a new program like After Effects, which can be pretty complex and even intimidating in comparison to one of these. But on the flip side, the creative control will be very limited and your lyric videos may look quite similar to some others out there.


How should you make your lyric video?

Just like everything else in this world, the Fast/Good/Cheap rule still applies. Fast, good, cheap. Pick two!

If you want it good and cheap, you better be ready to learn an advanced program like Adobe After Effects, so that you can make it yourself!

If you want it cheap and fast, then look into an automated lyric video generator, but don’t expect to get all the details and artistic touches you might wish for.

Finally, if you want it good and fast, check out some of my work on the homepage and if you like what you see, get in touch, and tell me more about your project so we can make some cool lyric videos together!



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