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Lyric Video Production

How Much Does a Lyric Video Cost? Our $300 Pricetag Simplified

Note: Try our new lyric video pricing calculator to get an instant quote!

You want to promote your upcoming release and are wondering how much a lyric video costs. As we previously explored, lyric videos are an economic alternative to music videos that offer more bang for your buck. To summarize our lyric video pricing, we charge $300 for a lyric video with optional promotional material as extras. This covers the vast majority of lyric videos we make.

There are a few other things we consider when calculating a price quote for your project, so in the name of transparency, we wanted to explain our procedure below.

The $300 Pricetag Explained

When we first started offering lyric video services, we used to calculate a custom quote for each song based on number of words in the song. This worked well enough initially, as it made sense from our perspective. More words equals more work equals more pay. However, it makes little to no sense for an artist or a record label who wants to promote their next release and doesn’t want to waste time counting words in lyrics.

Furthermore, the previous pricin system affected some song genres more than others. For instance, rap would almost always cost more than a slow ballad, even though the time it took to produce them was roughly the same.

Besides the words, there’s a lot of creative work that goes ito every lyric video. Such as setting up a theme, and experimenting with various concepts for the video like imagery, fonts styles, colors and animation styles. Similarly, at the end of every project, we go over the entire video adding effects, camera movements, floating particles and finishing touches. All these elements tend to average out the amount of work it takes for each video so we found the new flat rate to be a lot easier to deal with both on our end and for the artists as well.

Vertical Adaptation

Ever since Instagram launched IGTV, followed by YouTube supporting vertical aspect ratios for mobile, we’ve had an increase in demand for vertical videos. One option is to just put the horizontal video we make within a vertical frame and render a new video. It doesn’t look great, but it’s free.

A nicer looking option would involve resizing/repositioning/reanimating every element in the video so that everything fits a vertical frame. We charge a flat rate of $200 for this.

Extra Fast Delivery

By default we advertise a turnaround time of 3 to 5 days, but depending on how much work we have when we’re comissioned, it could be less. On certain occasions, we’re asked to complete a video within a day or even a few hour deadline. For such cases we can offer extra fast delivery which can cost a little extra. We’d be staying up even after delivery if we have to, in order to make sure the video is approved with any modifications you might require within your deadline.

Revisions Are Included

Lyric videos can be complex and we understand some back & forth may be required to finailze a project. As such, with customer satisfaction as our top priority, we do not charge for modifications.

That said, there are certain steps we can take to be efficient with both of our times. Before producing the full video, we usually offer a short demo to showcase the concept we come up for the video, and we welcome any feedback you might have. In our experience, being on the same page regarding the general direction of the video ensures that even if there are modifications to be made later on, they are usually minor adjustments. As such, with our services, you don’t need to worry about modifications increasing your lyric video cost.

How Much Does Your Lyric Video Cost?

We’re have recently added an interactive lyric video pricing calculator on our homepage. Feel free to play around with it and if you have any other thoughts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your project details. To expadite the process, remember to include your audio and lyrics files. You may optionally also include your album cover art, as we usually like building our theme around it. We respond to all inquiries within a few hours and look forward to hearing from you soon!


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